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Peaches is my friend Bennie Woodell’s submission for Daz 3D’s Movember contest from 2020. Everything in this video was animated and rendered in Daz 3D. The theme was reflecting on the struggles of the lockdown.


Presented and Brought to you by: JiangHu Productions @jianghuproductions

Written, Animated and Directed by: Bennie Woodell


Voiceover by: Ben Guppy and Lauren Kagei

@guppy_media_productions, @themissblackrose

Sins Of Our Father

Sins Of Our Father – Official Short Film Copyright 2018


The short film of a feature length script called Sins Of Our Father. In this short we see the two leads who were raised in a family trafficking business discussing what to do about a current situation regarding their business. The brother is in for more than he bargained for…


Human and child trafficking is a subject that goes mostly unnoticed and when it’s brought up most people are quick to turn the other cheek, or worse, pretend that it’s not actually happening cause it only happens in ‘Movies’. I’m hoping to bring the stories of more survivors and how deep the system goes as this is more of an epidemic or pandemic than anything else were currently being led to believe. I hope one day as more stories come into the fray, more people will awaken to the fact this is a very real problem plaguing every industry. As the saying goes, “Those who know, can’t sleep.”


Sins Of Our Father

Starring: Cat Limket, Murphy Pham

Produced by: Cat Limket, Murphy Pham, Ben Guppy, Arlyn Dela Pena

Written by: Cat Limket, Murphy Pham

Directed by: Ben Guppy

Stunt/Fight Coordination: Ben Guppy


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